Happy Birthday Trisha

Counting Stars (Amber Cover

College Bound

Studies first before blogging.

Paramore ♥

Paramore ♥.

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The Fault In Our Stars —John Green

The Fault In Our Stars —John Green


This is probably mee soo…

Just had my “Okay? Okay.” t-shirt and I’m so happy. I love Augustus Waters so. I have read the book but I haven’t watched the movie yet because I don’t know when is the showing on the Philippines. I wanna watch it. But I’d be biased with the books (since books are always better) if I am gonna judge between the two. “Maybe ‘okay’ will be our ‘always’.”


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I hate it that

I hate it that

It’s really a shame that I am a Christian and I still feel insecurities about myself, my friends, family and some people. They same I am this kind of girl, that kind of girl but they really don’t know what I am. What I am feeling/thinking/saying. I know that my family loves me. I know that. I just can’t feel it. They give me these. They give me things, they give me money, they give me shelter,…

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I’m still insecure, but when I first started acting, I was really insecure. I glared at a lot of people. I assumed everyone hated me. Somehow that scowl has turned into an acting career.


I made a new cover. Deeply In Love by Hillsong. This is such an awesome song. You’ll thought at first that this song are for lovers but it’s not. It’s for God. <3



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My new sounds:

elise white